I worked for 5 years as expedition artist for the Italian Archaeological Team in the Yemen. While I was there, I recorded, in ink drawings, the beautiful and fragile architecture in several areas of the country. Fearing that many buildings might not survive, I began a sort of typology, making as many drawings as I could. At home, I re-drew them onto copper plates, etched and printed them on my press. I consider this an unfinished work, and hope to continue with more drawings on site one day.

Jabal Nuqum from the old city
 Samsarat al-Mizan

The Mosque in Rada (1)

 House, Sana'a
 House of the poet, Sana'a
 Doorway, Zabid
 Mosque, Zabid
 Mosque, Rada (2)
 View of the old city of Sana'a
 Bustan (garden) Sana'a
 Facade of house, Sana'a
Gold suq, Sana'a
Antiquities suq
House, Zabid

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